38mm (1.5") Nylon Hinge with a Stainless Steal Pin.

38mm Nylon Hinge with Stainless Steal Pin

SKU: MM2015
  • Made with UV Stabilised Nylon 6 with a 316 Grade Stainless Steal Pin.

    Super strong, never rusts, corrodes or seizes up without lubrication.

    It is non conductive and food grade approved.

    Used within multiple industries and products:

    Marine hardware - perfect for salt and sun exposure. Hatches, cupboards, storage lids, even underwater tread boards.

    General hardware - Hanging doors, all hinge required applications

    Animal shelters - Dog kennals, chook pens.

    Eskies - repair your esky/cooler box/ chilly bin lids.

    Mardon has been hand making high quality hinges for a vast array of industries for over 55yrs.